Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Costcutter Store Opening Update.

Costcutter Store Opening Update.

The Three Oakham South East Councillors we due to open the store this Saturday

Cllr Michael Haley decided to offer to do it instead.

He has not yet notified the three councillors.

Email sent to Cllr Haley:

Dear Michael,

The Costcutter Store, invited the ward members to open the new store and this invitation was accepted
and the council notified.

I have just received a telephone call from the owner, who informs me the clerk has called him and
said it is normal for the Mayor to do shop openings and the Mayor would like to do it.

I fully understand why Michael has decided to make that decission.

The owner of the shop explained how he has put a lot of hard work and money into this project
and did not want to become part of a council argument. I agreed and said the three ward Cllrs
would not be attending the opening of our local store.

Thank you.


Martin Brookes