Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tesco Sensible Cllr Lucas Oakham Town Council v Rutland County Council

This weeks Rutland Times publishes a report about Tesco planning application.

It includes the following:

Oakham Town Council voted to support the plans.
Councillor Joyce Lucas, who represents Oakham north west ward on the town council, said: “I think the decision being referred to full council is a sensible idea.
“This is a democracy and it needs to be debated properly.
“I voted in favour of the plans because from doing surveys in my ward and from letters I have received people in north west Oakham want the expansion.”

Yes Cllr Lucas it would have been sensible if Oakham Town Council had debated the matter correctly in the first place and then the public would not have thought you and others were stupid.

Have you forgot how you and Cllr Dewis stood in consultation with the public one Saturday morning earlier this year trashing any thought of any development at Tesco.

At your first meeting you voted against the application. It's a fact you had the casting vote. The public thought you were crazy not because of your vote because of the way you chaired the meeting.

If Oakham Town Council had not messed up over the revised plans. You would not have been able to change your vote.

I trust you are a very proud tree warden voting to destroy a conservation area.

So I don't think you are qualified to speak to the press and suggest how Rutland County Council should conduct its planning matters.

As Oakham's tree warden you should be tying yourself to the trees that will be chopped down, I would start with the rare Elm.

The land behind the house in Brook Road would make a lovely Community Orchard. Much more suitable than a car park.