Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cllr Matthew Taylor Resigns From Oakham Town Council


Cllr Matthew Taylor has resigned as a member for Oakham North West. 

Mr Taylor cited other commitments that meant that he was no longer able to commit fully to the role.

The Council will make a decision on whether it wishes to fill the vacancy by co-option in due course.

Of course nothing to do with the way he treated a local resident, when he was employed by Rutland County Council.

It is time all these bullies resigned.

Cllr Alf Dewis
Cllr Joyce Lucas
Cllr Sharon Spencer (who we know is going in May)
Cllr Charles Haworth
Cllr Maureen Dodds
Town Clerk Richard White, All need to go now, along with their supporters at Rutland County Council.

I would like to thank all the people locally, who over the last two weeks have approached me in town to say welldone. I don't think I have done anything.

Those people can do more, stand and take control of your councils and get rid of the selfish Councillors. 

Not all Councillors are rotten.

Those who are not listed above are very good Town Councillors 

Cllr Adam Lowe and Cllr Lorna Grey are especially good. Cllr Lowe is not scared to stand up and challenge the Clerk, He stands up and says the sort of things I said and was shouted down.
Questions like why is there only one quote Mr white?  

Mr White was happy there is only one quote because he knows the man by his first name so he can be trusted the quote he has obtained is ok.

Mr White did not want me to publish information about the Bandstand Contract, Standards ruled it was in the public interest although I should not have criticised the Clerk. 
Poor show when The Rutland Times would not print my letter, but print one from ex Cllr Mr Beech congratulating the Clerk. Local builders who did not quote because they saw it as a low income job said if they knew the contract was going to be so lucrative they would have also tendered at the high price of £30,000 also.

We need a town council that is  interested in the people, town and its future.

A strong council is required.

Or does Oakham need a Town Council? take a look at what happened to Letchworth Garden City Town Council.

We certainly don't need another 4 years of do gooders, who are drunken bullies.

Its a pity local Police who supported this mob cant be held to account. Inspector Monks 

All the Councillor I ask to resign used to hold private meetings about me to find a way of dealing with me.

Cllr Dewis has admitted this. Others deny it even though their leader Cllr Dewis has said this happened.

I don't know the full facts about the member of the public's complaint against Mr Taylor. It is good to see he has taken the action she requested. Its a pity the others don't learn from him.