Monday, July 16, 2012

Aman Mehra Former Director of Places at Rutland County Council.Final Inquest Hearing

Aman Mehra Former Director of Places at Rutland County Council.Final Inquest Hearing has been set for 17th August 2012 at 13.00

It is alleged he killed himself after the Chief Executive of Rutland County Council DC notified all staff including cleaners via email about his absence. Stating he would be absent "for  an indefinite period" 

It is also alleged he was escorted of the premises.

The Coroner's Court Office is situated at:
The Coroner’s Court,
Town Hall,
Town Hall Square,

Case No:
Name of Deceased:
Date of Death:15/06/2012
Date of Birth:24/01/1970
Medical Cause of Death
To be ascertained
Died at home
Inquest Status
Date Inquest Open20/06/2012
Hearing Date17/08/2012
Hearing Time
Type of Hearing
Final (HMADC Mrs LC Brown)

The death of Director of Places Rutland County Council

Is this another Rutland County Council Cover Up? Has Iron boots been at it again?

Aman Mehra 
Strategic Director at Rutland County Council

Today I received the following news about the sad and tragic death of the Director of Places at Rutland County Council.

I have made a few phone calls to find the truth relating to allegations. Rutland County Councillors are refusing to comment. Apart from using the word "tragic, sad" and one councillor said "we have decided not to ask any questions"

Although they are not willing to comment, I was asked to consider not publishing the allegation that he was suspended, as this would be likely to upset his family. What a strange request. If the allegation is true that he took his own life. I can only imagine the torment his family must be going through not knowing why and perhaps blaming themselves.

It is alleged on the Friday that he died a email was sent by the Chief Executive of Rutland County Council to all staff, headed "Dear All". It is alleged she went on to explain that the Director of Places would not be at work for an indefinite period. It is also alleged this email was sent around two hours before his death,

I understand the matter is to be looked into by the coroner and I hope they are able to ascertain whether the alleged email was sent and whether this might have led the untimely death of a man around 42 years old.

My deepest sympathy goes to his family at this difficult time.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Director of Places and found him a friendly and pleasant person which is rather unusual trait amongst senior officers employed at Rutland County Council.

Aman Mehra

Former Strategic Director at Rutland County Council was previously employed as the Assistant Director of Community Services at Rutland County Council. 

prior to to this he was the Procurement & Programme Manager at Leicester City Council and Head of Civil Engineering Design at Leicester City Council.

He attended Loughborough University & Nottingham Trent University

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