Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lee Rimell a serving Birmingham police officer has been arrested for trolling.

Lee Rimell a serving Birmingham police officer has been arrested for trolling.

Facebook troll 'is a policeman': Officer arrested over case of mother who was subjected to months of online abuse
  • Lee Rimell, 32, arrested over vile messages sent to Nicola Brookes, 4
  • Miss Brookes was hounded by anonymous online bullies after she posted a message of support for X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza
  • Arrest made after Miss Brookes won a landmark case, forcing Facebook to disclose the identities of the bullies

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I read this story tweeted by our local troll @oakytaxidriver and can't help thinking about the similarities of what I have been subject to for many years now.

Many times Leicestershire Constabulary have failed me. I wonder if the are protecting one of there own?

I say that because of the foul, homophobic criminal letters I received and the way the police disposed of them.

Also the letter I received  containing a copy of a document only given to the police and Rutland County Council.

Lee Rimell I hope gets what he deserves, if found guilty

He once had the following Twitter Account, now deleted, at one time it appears he pretended to be a defender of victims of trolls by sending supporting tweets to XFaxtor contestant Katie Waissel and requested free tickets .

Lee Rimell

Lee Rimell


The king of the world!
Birmingham, UK

This morning I received a letter from a person I don't know, using the same stationary as used for previous letter sent to me that were homophobic and criminal.

This letter kindly tells me Cllr Dodds and her daughter with the knowledge of the Town Clerk were responsible for hacking and closing down my blog a couple of week ago.

Please, I am not stupid. I am not sure what this person is hoping to achieve or why Leicestershire Constabulary continue to protect them. I can only assume its because they are one of their own?

there are some serious questions you should be asking:

Why do Maureen and Tina Dodds think they have a right to hack your blog?  Did
they find out what they wanted and if so what did they do with the info? What other
accounts have they been hacking into. and why?

What is Richard white's involvement in hacking into your blog? If he isn't directly
involved why/how did he end up in possession of your logins? How is it that he is
fully aware that Maureen and Tina Dodds were responsible? And why has he ket
that information form you if he wasn't in on it all along?

All very odd I can't imagine Old Cllr Dodds is capable of hacking Google accounts she can't even open her agenda envelope before a meeting and her daughter is clearly often on another planet most of the time.

As for the Clerk, he does not even know the difference between a FOI and Data protection request.

Although he is surrounded by those with immense knowledge of computers. Take the Mayor Cllr Alf Dewis
who once worked for Amanet Computer Services and claims not to have a knowledge of anything to do with the net?