Friday, August 03, 2012

Rutland Times Forced to apologise to the Griffin due to Oakham Town Council Blunder

Rutland Times Forced to apologise to the Griffin due to Oakham Town Council Blunder

On page nine of this weeks Rutland Times the paper has published


IN THE Rutland Times on July 19, we published
a report supplied by Oakham Town Council on a
meeting held.

The council said that at its meeting on July 11,
complaints about antisocial behaviour by users
of two pubs in Oakham had been raised.
One of these pubs was said to be The Griffin,
which has now contacted the town council,
saying it has not had any complaints from its
neighbours regarding noise.
Oakham Town council is therefore retracting
the comment in the report and apologises to The
Griffin, it employees and patrons..
The council would like to thank Mrs McCarthy,
the landlady, for bringing her concerns in
relation to the article to its attention.
It understands that her approach, with the
assistance of her patrons, has perhaps even
helped reduced some of the issues mentioned
by adopting a "policy for respecting our

The Rutland Times is happy to set the record straight.

I am so pleased I attend council meetings before I report on them, you can't trust Oakham Town Council
with anything big or small.

eg: the unlawful naming of the bandstand to the dodgy accounts produced by the overpaid Clerk.

Cllr Dodds raised the issue of noise and anti social behaviour she says comes from the Merry Monk
it has been her crusade since the previous owners, who she was fond of departed, as if there were no issues prior to hand over. Cllr Dodds Like Cllr Nowell don't like outsiders, going back to last year I would say they are racist with their comments about the possibility of outsiders moving into social housing "taking over" was said at a planning meeting chaired by Cllr Nowell. I repeat history published previously on my blog, but this sort of incompetence sums up around half of the nine parish councillors and their merry band of ex Councillors.

I hope this teaches the Rutland Times a lesson, its time you ended your comfortable relationship with
both our councils. People don't want to read press releases from Councillors, they want to read interesting
journalistic content.

I sadly purchased the paper this week and page after page (although there are not that many) is full of press releases from our councils.

And as for the giant advert, sorry story including photographs showing the two vans Rutland  County Council  want to flog, any local van dealer would be only to happy to receive so much free space.

As for the Griffin they should sue the paper and the council and just maybe the can recoup some of their
losses they incurred when Oakhampeople sold them a worthless package. Oakham Town Council also enjoy a special relationship with this company. The salesman, a local man who was responsible for the
mess a lot of customers now financially find themselves in, he no longer works for the company. and told me recently a local photography shop owner wanted to beat him up in a local bar. I think that shows the extent of the over selling when a respectable business man feels his losses justify such bad actions.

Back to the Rutland Times, on the same page the paper gives itself a pat on the back because Johnston Press received an award for emissions reduction.

It goes on to say the is a whole company effort includes its offices here in Oakham?

I assume that is because there is no more than a receptionist working at Oakham and the paper is so thin.
Since the owner of Johnston Press acquired the group they have killed off many titles and reduced journalist skills to a level we have to suffer here in Rutland. Well we don't really suffer because most of the time we don't buy it. So its not surprising its emissions are reduced.

On the same page we are told by the paper County mourns village stalwart a former parish Cllr
I did not know him although I did know his sons wife Former Oakham Mayor Sharon Spencer
I know she visits my blog, so I send my regards via this post to you and your family at this difficult