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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cllr Gene Plews (Conservative) Democratic Services Rutland County Council

Gene Plews

Mr Gene Plews (Conservative)
Democratic Services
Rutland County Council
Rutland LE15 6HP

Mobile: 07999 649 824


Every time I see my County Councillor, I can't help feeling pity for him.

If he is not referring to me as the idiot.

He is signing a police statement, stating I have destroyed Oakham.

He has repeated the foolish allegation since making that statement
he has of course failed to explain how or why he feels I could have
possibly carried out such a massive achievement single handed.

Not that I would want to carry out the said act, it does puzzle me
why he repeatedly accuses me of such an massive event?

I can only think he is suffering from some sort of mental disorder
or the Tory mob he associates with really do feel threatened by
little me.... I tend to lean towards the mental disorder as an explanation
what other reason could there be for his rather stupid accusation?

I am polite towards all the disrespectful local Tory Mob.

Manners are something many of them lack and its increasing.

For example Patsy Clifton a senior Rutland Tory Party person,
I have always been extremely polite and courteous to her even
though many locals have described her as another local gossip
and worse. Recently she rather rudely interrupted me at a public meeting
showing her true colours.

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